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We provide a variety of Target Staging services aimed to appeal to the demographic of the most likely buyers. Offering Do-it-Yourself Consultations to Full Service Solutions.
Vacant Staging


In Vinings, GA, Design2Sell has elevated the art of home transformation, mastering the delicate balance between aesthetic appeal and marketability to ensure your property stands out. Our expertise in staging homes has consistently led to faster sales and elevated market prices compared to un-staged properties, allowing sellers to navigate the complexities of fluctuating markets and diverse buyer preferences with confidence.

At the heart of our strategy is storytelling design mastery, where every room is carefully curated to ignite potential buyers' imaginations, helping them envision a future in the space. Our approach goes beyond simple decoration; it's about forging a deep, emotional connection that captivates and enchants, guided by sophisticated merchandising lifestyle techniques.

As Vinings' premier choice for home staging within the expansive Metro Atlanta Market, Design2Sell has spent over 15 years transforming spaces into narratives of elegance and potential. Our reputation for excellence is well-earned, with a track record as one of the nation's Top 10 Home Staging Companies for more than seven consecutive years. Our design team, renowned for their innovative and continually evolving modern transitional style, is dedicated to creating interiors that not only attract but also persuade buyers at first glance. Choose Design2Sell for an unparalleled staging experience that elevates your property's value and appeal.

More than just a pretty space. Click here for a quote.​


Within our curated selection at Design2Sell, the luxury division stands out, offering an exquisite array of staging options tailored for the upscale Vinings market. We understand that luxury staging is an art that requires the perfect blend of elegance and comfort, creating an inviting atmosphere that speaks directly to the discerning buyer. By emphasizing the unique amenities that elevate a home's luxury status while ensuring an aura of approachability, we craft spaces that embody both a lavish lifestyle and a welcoming feel.

Luxury staging transcends traditional selling tactics, embracing lifestyle merchandising to deliver remarkable results through breathtaking design. At Design2Sell, we specialize in this sophisticated approach, transforming every staged home in Vinings and the broader Metro Atlanta Market into a compelling narrative of style and desirability.

Praised as the premier luxury home staging company in the region, Design2Sell has been defining spaces with unparalleled creativity and flair for over 15 years. Our esteemed position in the industry is solidified by repeated recognitions as a Top 10 Luxury Home Staging Company nationally. Our adept design team, known for their modern luxury aesthetics, continues to push boundaries, ensuring every project we undertake is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation. Join us in redefining luxury living, one staged home at a time.


Pricing varies and is dependent on size and rooms staged, contact us so we can customize a quote for you​

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