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Home Staging Decatur Ga


We provide a variety of Target Staging services aimed to appeal to the demographic of the most likely buyers. Offering Do-it-Yourself Consultations to Full Service Solutions.
Vacant Staging
Home Staging Decatur Ga

In Decatur, GA, Design2Sell elevates home staging to an art form, seamlessly blending aesthetics with strategy to maximize your property's market potential. Our staged homes not only sell quicker but also command higher prices than their un-staged counterparts, effectively navigating the ever-changing real estate landscape and diverse buyer tastes. Discover the unique Design2Sell approach: a fusion of designer-curated furnishings, captivating art, and stylish decor designed to captivate and inspire.

Our design philosophy centers around storytelling, transforming each space into a narrative that resonates deeply with potential buyers. By crafting environments that evoke a sense of belonging, our designers not only showcase a property's aesthetic appeal but also its potential for becoming a cherished home. Utilizing lifestyle merchandising techniques, we guide visitors on a journey, enabling them to envision their future life within the walls of your property.

As Decatur's leading choice for home staging within the broader Metro Atlanta Market, Design2Sell has been crafting unique, story-driven vignettes for over 15 years. Recognized as an industry pinnacle and consistently ranked among the Top 10 Home Staging Companies nationally, our team is renowned for their ability to create alluring interiors that embody a modern transitional style. With Design2Sell, experience the power of design that not only sells homes but also sells a dream.

More than just a pretty space. Click here for a quote.​


In our distinguished collection at Design2Sell, we are especially proud of our luxury division, meticulously curated for Decatur's discerning high-end market. We recognize the unique nuances of luxury staging, which demands an exquisite blend of comfort and elegance, enabling potential buyers to instantly feel at home upon entering. Our approach is to accentuate the opulent features that define luxury while ensuring each space remains inviting, offering an exclusive lifestyle and an air of sophistication.

Luxury staging is more than just placing furniture; it's about lifestyle merchandising, a strategy that transforms spaces into narratives of desire and aspiration. At Design2Sell, we specialize in creating these compelling stories, each space designed to not only impress but also to resonate on a personal level with prospective buyers.

As the foremost authority in luxury home staging across the Metro Atlanta Market, including Decatur, Design2Sell has dedicated over 15 years to the craft of creating unique design vignettes that speak volumes. Lauded as the industry's elite and consistently ranked as a Top 10 Luxury Home Staging Company nationally, our design team excels in delivering captivating interiors that epitomize modern luxury. At Design2Sell, we don't just stage homes; we curate unforgettable experiences that drive results.


Pricing varies and is dependent on size and rooms staged, contact us so we can customize a quote for you​

Home Staging Decatur Ga
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