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Beautifully-Staged, 1920s-Themed Home Sells Immediately

We love sharing our finished projects with you! One of our recent home staging designs was for a home in Candler Park. We were able to play off its original 1920s-themed charm to create an interior finish that sold the home in only five days after staging!

The cozy breakfast room off the side of the kitchen is where the Design2Sell team started. An eccentric glass-top table with metal bottom featuring rounded four-point shapes rests in the middle of the room. Modern white, armless chairs with dark brown wooden legs sit around the table. A large, unique painting incorporating blues, oranges and yellows hangs above the table as the only wall art in this room. To tie in the painting with the rest of the room, blue vases top the table. Because of our careful placement, this room stayed simple and elegant.

The next room we designed was a cozy sitting area on the second floor. Everything about this room is welcoming. From the carefully placed books to the array of cozy throw pillows featuring neutral colors and geometric designs, future homeowners have no choice but to take a seat in this room. Taking advantage of the oversized window, we kept colors in here light and basic to create an open feeling throughout the area. Small modern accents rest all around the room in the form of eye-catching sculpture art, plants and a uniquely-patterned rug.

Another room we worked on was a cozy guest bedroom. Using a small area to create an inviting bedroom isn’t always easy, but we made it work! A simple white comforter was placed on the bed. This draws contrast from the black pillows, lamp shades, nightstands and bench placed at the foot of the bed. A dark navy-blue carpet rests under the bed, further contrasting from the bedding. Two paintings reside above the nightstands on either side of the bed helping to create a unifying and symmetrical look to this room.

At Design2Sell, we pride ourselves on creating beautifully-staged homes that appeal to homebuyers. Helping potential homeowners envision a future in a home is what it’s all about. Our goal was met yet again when this 1920s-themed home sold only five days after staging was complete.

For more information on our services at Design2Sell or to find out more about our process, visit today!

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