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Waiting for the perfect moment to PIVOT – It is always NOW!

In the last week I have been in mourning: For all the lost opportunities, missing out on traveling to see my family back in Germany, seeing my friends, and traveling time with my son to create lasting positive memories. On the business side, mourning over my loss of freedom and that I need to pivot again. I believe many have been feeling this too in the last couple of weeks, sitting frozen, staring at your screen for several minutes and not being able to focus and think. These may not sound like good things, but I am telling they are. It is liberating and empowering to have situations like this that push you to act and produce something amazing and life-changing, and then have a second sweet treat – for me, my Lindt chocolate. This time is a good time because the PERFECT MOMENT is always NOW. While we’re still in the middle of the pandemic, you can start thinking about how your business environment will look when the pandemic allows all of us to function in what will be our new normal. What are the tops trends we are seeing? Millions upon millions of people are:

  • Working from home

  • Using video communication

  • Shopping online

  • Ordering delivery through mobile apps

  • Scheduling pick-up on shopping orders

Nothing of this is particularly NEW. Working remote was already trending up. Online shopping was already taking over a larger market share. Stores were already encouraging shoppers to place orders online and schedule a pick-up time. But what experts are predicting, the COVID-19 lock-down has accelerated—even if only temporarily— are these preexisting trends. Its exposed millions of people to technologies and applications, people who might be otherwise skeptical or hesitant. And while people will eventually return to work, conduct meetings in person, and go shopping inside stores again, these trends from before the crisis are likely to continue. As you’re thinking ahead to the future of your business, take some time to think about how present trends will continue to play a role in both business and life, and how you might be able to incorporate them into your business or adapt your business to those new realities. Are you still waiting for the perfect moment to PIVOT? It is always now… Barbara Heil- Sonneck CEO & Creative Director Design2Sell

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