Vacation Rental Staging for a Higher Booking Rate

Updated: May 18

Sites like Airbnb, VRBO and HomeAway have revolutionized travel, providing never-before-seen income streams for realtors and property investors. If you have a nice rental with a great location, a studio apartment, or some other place you own that could be transformed into a short-stay living space, you could easily bring in more profit for your business.

So where does home staging come in? People buy with their eyes and having a properly staged home reflects well in your short stay listing. Your listing profile is the first impression potential guests have with your home, so photographs of your space must stand out. If staged properly, your rental will be inviting and relaxing to renters. This will show in your listing photos increasing the probability of more bookings.

We are here to help increase the desirability of your home by providing you with a vacation rental that entices lodgers and leads to more money in your pocket.


  1. Book a complimentary 15 - 30 min discovery session to discuss your needs, your target audience, scope and your budget. We will also share how we work.

  2. We provide a rough estimate based on the level and scope you shared and a link to our portfolio so you get a feel for our style.

  3. We schedule an onsite consultation for $300 to complete a site visit to take measurements and finalize the scope for your approval. We also can help with paint color selection or more for an extra service fee. Our team will handle the design choices for you defined within your budget.

  4. You sign our agreement, and we process payment to secure your design order and inventory. We will use a mix of our lightly used home staging inventory and place new orders for you like bedding, mattresses, and household items to stage your home.

  5. We schedule an installation date.

  6. Our team delivers and installs your fully coordinated package.

  7. We charge the final installation/delivery fee.

  8. You start receiving bookings!

Contact us today for your complimentary Vacation Rental discovery call!

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