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10 Home Staging Questions You Need Answered with Barbara Heil-Sonneck | Home Staging Buckhead Ga

Home Staging Buckhead Ga

Home staging as become a popular marketing tool used by home sellers to ensure their home looks its best for listing and appeals to the most potential buyers. Design2Sell’s owner, Barbara Heil-Sonneck, answers burning questions on the importance of home staging in the luxury market, key design trends and home staging mistakes that can be avoided.

1. How did "Design 2 Sell" come to be?

After years in a corporate management position with a Fortune 500 company I was looking to pursue my passion for entrepreneurship and design. This global work experience, along with having managed different departments from start-up to reorganization and expansion, has helped me enormously in converting these skillsets to run a successful small business. With the Atlanta housing boom in 2001 I saw an opportunity to invest in real estate and to fulfill my passion for interior design by buying spaces and turning them into beautiful places, all within a budget and profit line. Setting the stage for closing the sale quickly and for the highest amount by increasing the desirability of a product was the goal. Out of this concept and vision of real estate and interior design, Design2Sell was born.

2. With Home Staging and Design we know that trends often come and go, but what is one thing that has stood the test of time?

Timeless Design never goes out of fashion and what I am talking about is contemporary design, which means it is all about creating an aesthetic that is on trend, something that feels like it belongs here and now. It is beautiful, efficient, innovative, and reflective of its time, always reflecting on the now. What are the right ingrediencies you might ask? The key is to create a design esthetic that is current. That is what professional Lifestyle Merchandising is all about. For us it is about being ahead of the curve in our purchase discussions and the right mix of timeless design and new introductions.

Home Staging Buckhead Ga

3. How important is it to have your home professional staged? Especially for luxury homes and high-end areas/markets?

Even though the housing market right now is extremely hot, home staging will always be the #1 marketing tool to support sellers on their goal to get the highest return of their investment no matter the price point.  Home Staging continues to be secret weapon. Luxury homes tend to have larger layouts and multiple rooms to explore so it’s vital that the interior is staged to maximize the available space while giving buyers a clear picture of what it would be like to live there. Our staging can address awkward Layouts, homes that need some updating, and custom looks that keep the buyer profile as the focus all leading to getting the best price for luxury agents’ clients.

4. What is the fastest-growing trend you see coming to home design?

There are plenty of trends we are seeing as a side effect of dealing with the pandemic for the last year. There is more of a focus on the home as the center of the family, as more people are working remotely, and some children remain in remote schooling. Buyers are looking for a comfortable stage to reflect the family spending more time at home. Light neutral fabrics with pops of color (to create feeling or joy or well-being), light woods (rattan and bamboo are becoming a trend), use of greenery. Home offices are more important, or a home office nook somewhere, as well as multifunctional spaces. Outdoor- indoor living is always important in the South and we are seeing an uptick in warmer neutral wall colors as cooler greys are on their way out.

Home Staging Buckhead Ga

5.What trends do you feel are on the way out?

There are a few trends that we are seeing finding their way out. These include shiplap, open floor plans, the minimalist trend, we are seeing less faux flowers and plants as people are opting for real and Mid-century modern styling and dark colors are on their way out.

6. We know that you do a lot of work in and around Buckhead Georgia, what makes this area so appealing/special?

We have a few agents whose clientele happens to be in this area. It’s such a beautiful part of town and our design concepts lend well to the properties here. We have a luxury division that caters to upscale condos and luxurious homes that require hand selected inventory. Our lifestyle implementations target the emotions of the high-end buyer, and the Buckhead community and surrounding areas fit right into this description.

7. What is one word of advice that you could give someone so their home design can stand the test of time? How often should one redecorate their home?

It is all about the right mix, 80-85% neutral and 15-20% on trend has been a great recipe for Design2Sell.

8. What is the number one Home Staging mistake you often see made?

# 1 is scale, the wrong sizes for the wrong space.

9. If you could give one piece of advice for someone staging and decorating their home what would it be?

The best design tip is to prioritize! Determine which space is most important and make sure it’s perfect. All rooms do not carry the same importance.

10.  Lastly what are all of the services that you offer and what is the best way to get in touch with you?

Vacant Home Staging Solutions, Short-Term Rental Design Services, Model Home Merchandising, Consultations for Home Staging, Redesign & Short-Term Rentals.

Call us at 678 505 1433 or email us at or click the quick quote button for a quote on your property!

Check out more of our staged projects and connect with us on Instagram and Facebook.


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