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AmericasMart Gives Our Designers a Sneak Peek at 2019’s Hottest Trends

The Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market started the year with a bang, and it was quickly followed by the Las Vegas Winter Market! The annual event in Atlanta brings more than 9,000 brands to a four-building complex spanning 7 million square feet in the heart of downtown Atlanta. The comprehensive market boasts sixteen floors beaming with design-focused furniture, lighting, home accents, decor, rugs and much more. The Las Vegas event is equally as impressive, with more than 4,000 brands and categories of goods from over 600 one-of-a-kind temporary exhibitors.

Our Design Project Manager Barbara Ader had the pleasure of attending the Atlanta event, while CEO and Creative Designer Barbara Heil-Sonneck just returned from the market in Las Vegas. Both of them got an exclusive look at new collections and trends, while  also attending educational lectures, trend presentations and designer talks. Barbara Heil-Sonneck even had the opportunity to speak on a panel during a Mastermind session hosted by HSRA during Las Vegas Market! Coming home with a plethora of information, inspiration and pictures, below are some of the top trends that Barbara and Barbara found during their trips to Market.


Biophilic design enables better performance, more connection and human health with patterns that can be implemented in countless ways. Several patterns working together and the presence of plant life are essential aspects to biophilic design. One of the most studied effects of biophilia is reduced stress and improved mood, which comes as no surprise since we know that an abundance of greenery and natural light can make a space feel like your own private escape.. Social gathering spaces and lounge areas are a perfect match for biophilic design, but it’s not just the presence of natural material that’s important. Different indoor elements such as lighting, air quality, and views of nature must be balanced to optimize the environment as a whole.

The use of biophilic design also correlates with the popular trend of using sustainable, handmade pieces. Items made from sustainable materials such as clay and rice paper help people feel in touch with their roots and nature, a key part of the biophilia hypothesis.

Memphis Design

Memphis is a design movement that began in Italy during the early 1980s. The design was a reaction to change the 1950s and ‘60s mid-century modern design’s structure and straight lines to bold and brash colors and graphics. Memphis design encourages designers to break the rules by using geometric shapes – designs accented with squiggled lines and bubble or curved furniture. Colors used in Memphis design are typically bright with an almost neon quality that evokes child-like emotions of happiness and joy. In addition to full use of bright color, Memphis design can also follow a more minimalist color pattern, featuring black and white as the primary colors with bright accent options.

More Trends

Feminine tones, rich jewel tones with an edge, layers of textures, strong curves and velvet upholstery and accents are just a few more trends coming to design in 2019 or continuing from past years. “Design trends are constantly changing,” said Ader. “Looking at the millions of choices that AmericasMart had to offer, it seems that 2019 is about individuals gaining a sense of confidence in their own voice.”

For more information on our home staging services in Atlanta and how we’re incorporating these new design trends into our work, contact us online or call 678-505-1433.

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