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Design2Sell Donates to Disaster Relief After Florida Hurricane

When a natural disaster strikes, we typically see round-the-clock news coverage for days after the event. However, long before an area has recovered from the disaster, the news coverage stops and the world seemingly forgets about the disaster and the hardships being endured by those directly affected.

Hurricane Michael was a Category 4 hurricane, making record as the strongest storm of the season. It made landfall near Mexico Beach, Florida on October 10, 2018 with winds as strong as 155 miles per hour, leaving total devastation beyond recognition on the Florida Panhandle.

One of our current employees, Lisa Sisom, has a loved one who lives in Florida and was surrounded by the horrendous damage. Diane Little, Lisa’s mother, said, “I personally had very limited damage from the hurricane, but we were surrounded by devastation on every side, and I immediately knew I had to give back to help others.”

When we spoke to Diane several weeks after the storm, she let us know the conditions in Florida, saying, “Right now, the roads are cleared but there’s lots of traffic with power trucks, log trucks, and tree and debris removal continues to slow down all traffic. Most of the electrical and limited water and sewer has been restored. Phone service is available, but not always reliable.”

Over time since the storm, the community has gradually returned back to their homes to decide whether or not to rebuild or start anew.

“The people are so grateful for every little thing donated, and common statements are ‘I will only accept 1 or 2 (packs of diapers, paper goods, etc.) I don’t want to take from anyone else who may need it more than me.’”

Design2Sell wanted to participate in donating what we could to the families in need including chairs, sofas, tables, bedding, art, and other furniture. Diane noted that there are a few items that the Florida community could still benefit from, including tools and equipment to help continue the cleanup process, as well as basic necessities for those reestablishing their lives in a new home or entirely new area.

Diane informed us that families were receiving our donations and were very appreciative. Diane said, “Today, three families were so excited to see and accept the furniture donated by your company. Three homes are just about ready for the beautiful pieces. The families are so humble, thankful and again fearful they are not taking from someone more needy. It is such a warm, wonderful feeling to see their happiness and appreciation.”

If you would like to participate in donating, you can contact Diane Little directly. Diane can be reached at You can also visit the Hurricane Relief page on the Holmes County Community Health Clinic website here, where you’ll find an Amazon shopping list of items still needed in the Panhandle communities affected by Hurricane Michael.

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