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Claudia Nehrkor, Design2Sell’s Face Behind the Numbers

Behind all of the stunning staging designs done by Design2Sell, there is someone behind the numbers of the operation, which is none other than Claudia Nehrkor. After pursuing a degree in accounting, Claudia then moved straight into her career, working with several international companies that covered a whole range of businesses. Through her experience, she found a specific interest in the operational side of organizations. Claudia stated, “Moving from corporations to working for smaller companies has given me the opportunity to not just focus on accounting, but on the interrelation of departments.”

Claudia worked for Design2Sell in the past, and she returned a little over a year ago (she loved us so much she couldn’t stay away)! During her time at Design2Sell, Claudia has noticed that her “hidden designer” has begun to come out more and more. Since she is constantly being surrounded by such incredibly talented people, she has noticed her own creativity flourish. Design2Sell never fails to impress her by creating beautiful stages through dedicated team work. She sees the rewards that come from the teamwork and from her point of view, it’s clear to see how each individual team member contributes to the bigger picture!

In her position, Claudia is no stranger to juggling several tasks at once. While taking on several responsibilities at one time can be challenging, it also offers a multitude of rewards. When looking at situations, she finds herself observing and pinpointing what works and what doesn’t, which helps her to be able to see the larger picture.

When Claudia isn’t crunching numbers and being an accountant powerhouse, she finds herself traveling, staying in touch with her family and friends, enjoying economics, and dancing flamenco style!

When asked what her favorite project from Design2sell would be, she said a modern farmhouse stage was it!  She has had several rewarding moments during her time with the company, but she noted that the innovative business style of Design2Sell has truly allowed for personal and professional growth.

We’re glad to have Claudia back on our team! To learn more about Design2Sell and our entire team, visit

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