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Introducing Design2Sell Intern Nina Meier

Design2Sell’s Intern Program has offered positions over the years to both foreign and domestic candidates. We have been fortunate enough to have students come from as far away as Germany, France and Sweden while also hosting students studying from local schools such as SCAD and Valdosta State University.

Design2Sell has recently added a new intern to our team. We are so pleased to welcome Nina Meier to our team. Here is a brief intro to get to know her better..

“Hello everyone! My name is Nina Meier and I am Design 2 Sell’s newest intern! I am 17 years old and a rising senior. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and have lived here my entire life. In the future, I hope to study English in college. Theatre, fashion, and writing are my biggest passions. I will be with Design 2 Sell for two and a half weeks and I am thrilled to learn more about interior design, the newest trends, as well as how to successfully stage spaces. I am also very interested in learning different styles in interior design. I am so thankful to be a part of this wonderful team and I cannot wait to learn all that interior design and home staging has to offer! ”
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