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Atlanta Bungalow Staged to Complement Unique Charm

We love staging homes to sell. Whether it’s a multimillion-dollar estate in Buckhead, or a charming cottage with a history, we know the best way to use space and help buyers envision a future in their dream home. One of our most recent home staging projects was an Atlanta Bungalow located at 2295 Melante Drive NE. Chase Mizell is selling this quaint Atlanta home and he came to the experts at Design2Sell to help get the job done.

Stylish Living Room

In the living room of this beautiful home, we played off the details already incorporated into the design structure. The intricate molding on the fireplace was accented by using other unique patterns throughout the room including the geometric design on the area rug and the decorative throw pillows. Everything in this home is classic and elegant, including the cream-colored couch and matching chairs. Metallic accents lay purposefully to unify the chairs and table in the form of tabletop arrays and lighting.

Elegant Dining Room

Another room we kept simple and sophisticated was the dining room. This room showcases a classic wooden dining table with four white, armless chairs surrounding it. A gold-framed mirror rests on one wall, matching the color of the lighting fixture above the table. The only other decorations are a single plant and a pair of matching pictures on the wall, also contributing to the room being clean and elegant.

Classy Master Bedroom

One of our favorite rooms to stage in this Atlanta bungalow was the master bedroom. Just because a home is smaller does not mean there isn’t enough space. We used the pale walls and natural lighting from the array of windows to help open this room up. By adding a simple cream-colored headboard and a white comforter complete with neutral pillows, this room stays light and airy. Other accents in the bedroom include a unique dresser that features dark brown wood to match the nightstand and contrast the lighter colors of the room. The bedroom also has a large area rug with a unique pattern similar to that seen on the comfy chairs against the back wall. Several pieces of sophisticated wall art hang on the walls, all using the color scheme presented throughout this master bedroom.

Selling a home is hard. We want to make it a little easier by helping stage it to perfection. Let the experts at Design2Sell help you with the design and staging process. Our team loves what they do and has the skills to prove it. For more information on how to get started, or to see more of our work, visit

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