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Coastal-Chic Townhomes Staged in Buckhead

Barbara Ader, our senior property stylist, recently led our team of expert designers to help stage a home to sell in Creekview at Lenox community. The Wieloch Group are the Realtors behind this luxury community of coastal-chic townhomes in Buckhead ready to sell. Staging a home is one of the most important parts of the home selling process and we love the part we play in it!

One of the first rooms we tackled was the cozy living area. This symmetric living room is filled with light, neutral tones paired with fun pops of color. The fireplace is topped with a white shiplap feature wall with a corresponding tile arranged in a herringbone pattern surround. A rough-hewn wooden mantle separates the two patterns, and it’s topped with a white painting with a subtle black and gold outline.

The fireplace is the centerpiece of the room, dividing the space evenly. On either side are custom built bookshelves with small, eye-catching pieces of décor in white, brown and gold. Directly in front of the bookshelves are two off-white couches with navy pillows of varying patterns resting on top. The couches sit on an off-white area rug with a classic gray geometric pattern. Also sharing the space is a wooden coffee table with simplistic white tabletop accents.

The controlled use of neutral colors and abundance of white placed throughout the room helps to create a light and airy feel. The small pops of gold and navy also add in a coastal-chic theme. This same idea was used in the quaint dining area. This room holds a small white table with brown wicker chairs surrounding it. The only additional décor in this room are two blue paintings on the wall and a white centerpiece on the dining room table. This dining room followed the same symmetrical design as the living room, giving it an even and balanced look. This room also has a light and airy feel, making a smaller room feel open and spacious!

A third room we tackled in this home we staged to sell is the home office. For this room, we used more warm tones than in the other two rooms. A stark white desk sits in the middle of the room with gold and brown accents surrounding it. A brown chair and picture on the wall sit in the middle, while leather bound books rest on the desk. A gold table lamp and abstract sculpture also share the desk space.

We loved giving this home a total makeover, equipped with a vision and consistent theme. To learn more about this Buckhead community of 17 coastal-chic townhomes, visit the website here. You can also read more about our past projects and services at

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