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Luxury Modern Atlanta Home Staged with Unique Artwork

We recently had the opportunity to work on a beautiful contemporary masterpiece while staging a luxury modern Atlanta home listed by Natalie Martinez. This home with downtown skyline views offers designer features within walking distance of incredible Atlanta amenities like Chrome Yellow Trading Co., Staplehouse, MARTA and more. The only thing this home was missing was a good staging! Our Design2Sell team led by Lisa Sisom went in and gave this modern home a beautiful and trendy makeover.

Expressly unique, this Luxury Modern Atlanta home features original artwork from  local artist’s displayed throughout the house. To break from generic and uniform art normally displayed in a staged home, Curator Michael Brown and Miriam O. Reyes, architectural designer with F.M. Studios,  teamed up to find distinctive artwork to decorate the home.

“It becomes a new way to experience a home,” said Brown. “The art gives it a greater sense of being a home rather than a house that’s been staged. It gives people the chance to see artwork in a much more real context outside of the blank gallery walls.”

With the attention focused on art and modernity, our team delivered. One of the first rooms we worked on was a casual sitting area. This room receives an abundance of natural light from a large sliding glass door. To play off this feature, we kept everything light and neutral. A white sectional sits in the corner on top of a black and white, geometric-patterned throw rug. Matching the rug are various black and white pillows, all displaying different patterns and textures. The only other furniture in this room presents itself in a uniquely shaped metal chair and table with lots of intentional space in the framing, adding to the open and airy feeling of the room.

For additional decoration, the walls contain bright and colorful original artwork. The only other pop of color comes from a table-top book decoration, sharing space with other black and white accents.

With the same theme in mind, we moved on to the home office. This room also has ample natural light, white walls and light brown flooring. To keep this room open and modern, we placed a glass-topped desk with gold legs in front of the window. A trendy black chair is the only other furniture with a fluffy pink pillow resting on top. This room also has various original paintings hung on the wall. When choosing the artwork, special care went into the decision-making process. Various experts wanted to ensure the art reflected the home and vice versa.

“Context of space for artwork is paramount,” Brown commented. “Space creates context for the work and ideas being investigated. The mix of artwork was matched to the types of spaces throughout the house. There are areas for presenting and entertaining. There are intimate family areas and intimate personal spaces. The work selected amplifies these characteristics.

One of the final rooms we worked on was the bedroom. This room features whites and grays throughout with subtle pops of color. The white comforter matches the unique lamp bases with a fun geometric design, while the throw pillows range from simple and white to fun and colorful. A lighter gray blanket with a playful print rests at the foot of the bed and closely matches the faded gray on the lamp shades. The use of minimal and subdued colors in this room gives it a relaxed and clean feeling.

Staging a home for sale is one of the most important steps in the home selling process. We love staging a home that reflects the true feeling of the space and this project was no different. To find out more about our Atlanta home staging and interior design services, visit today!

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