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Trusted Partner: Ed Torrence with Carpet Direct

At Design2Sell, we specialize in home staging and creating the perfect ensemble to show to potential home buyers. By properly staging a home to sell, you can get the best return on investment possible. We also know there are many steps besides staging that go into selling a home. That’s why we have a list of trusted partners and preferred vendors we recommend to clients when they require services outside our expertise. Our main goal is to help our clients sell a home faster, smarter and with less effort. When we have a client who needs help cleaning up and replacing their floors to create a brand-new look and feel for potential buyers, we recommend the experts at Carpet Direct of Georgia.

Ed Torrence, owner of Carpet Direct of Georgia, opened his business in 2009 with a team of flooring brokers. Before opening Carpet Direct of Georgia, Torrence earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering and went on to receive his MBA after that. The first 25 years of his career was spent with E.I. DuPont and Stainmaster®, where he primarily worked in sales and marketing. After gaining years of experience in the field, Torrence took off on his own and opened the successful Carpet Direct of Georgia!

Carpet Direct offers a full selection of carpets, hardwoods, luxury and sheet vinyl, laminate, tile and gym flooring for residential and commercial applications. Its hardwood line includes prefinished and site-finished hardwoods, as well as refinishing existing hardwood floors and steps. The company also specializes in the installation of tile in most areas, including floors, walls, backsplashes, tub surrounds and showers.

With the wide array of services offered by Carpet Direct, homeowners can often feel overwhelmed and not know where to start. That’s where the partnership between our Design2Sell team and the experts at Carpet Direct comes in handy! Every person or vendor involved in the home staging process is working to create a beautifully staged home to sell.

“Even though in most cases it is the homeowner who will purchase and pay us directly for our products and installations, we view the stager as our true client,” said Torrence. “The homeowner hired the stager to help them create a vision, a plan, and a budget to prepare their home for sale. So, our top priority, as part of the stager’s team, is to make certain that the flooring products and colors we show and recommend are totally aligned with the stager’s vision. To do that, our first step, even before we contact the homeowner, is to reach out to the stager to understand the vision for the home we are trying to achieve.”

At the end of the day, Torrence’s favorite part of the job is making clients happy. Carpet Direct’s success is based on word-of-mouth referrals, so a satisfied customer is the main goal. Torrence also says a happy client makes the whole job more enjoyable. Torrence loves the work he does at Carper Direct, but no job comes without its challenges. For him, the most difficult part is consistently making every job as perfect as possible.

“It is easy to make one project go perfect,” said Torrence. “The challenge is making multiple jobs per day, every day, go perfect. The key is focusing on the details for every project, every time. And, should a hiccup occur, addressing it with urgency.”

When Torrence isn’t working to help happy customers, he can be found vacationing to visit his daughter in Norway or at the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Torrence is a nature lover and enjoys being surrounded by the ocean, bays, marshes and beaches of the Eastern Shore with a good book, podcast or documentary to pass the time. To learn more about Ed Torrence or Carpet Direct, visit Get started today and become one of the many satisfied customers who go through Carpet Direct!

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