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A Design2Sell Diamond Home Staging Service Reveal

We recently had the opportunity to stage a beautiful newly renovated property listed by Katie McGuirk in the Tuxedo Park neighborhood of Buckhead. The owners opted for our Diamond Package which provides a lifestyle implementation for luxurious homes that target the emotions of the high-end buyer. This amazing property with a listing price of over 2 million dollars had a complete interior renovation. Our Design2Sell team led by our talented designer, Barbara Ader, gave this home a beautiful and trendy makeover.

All the inventory that had been utilized in this install were newly purchased pieces sourced from our latest trip to High Point Market. When we asked Barbara Ader about her inspiration behind the install she said..

"I love these green chairs, the color is one of our newest favorite additions to our inventory. The sofa is also a newer fabric we spotted at Market and adore. As it is a Diamond service, it was imperative to give our client the most recent updated inventory."

The forest green color of the accent chairs compliments the the big windows that bring in the colors and textures of the outdoors. Adding the gold touch provides a warmth to buyers that's inviting and comfortable.

Barbara explained more about her design choices forthis beautiful office space by saying:

"The most important piece for me in this room is the painting. It is one of the great masters but with a modern take on the Girl With A Pearl Earring. I loved to be able to use this type of art in the installation. Also, if you will look at the books, you will notice that we flipped them around in order to get a more clean white backdrop and to avoid any distractions with the book titles "

" The two round tables are very design trend forward and the chair with the hanging bottom is another style that we just picked up from Market. It gives a clean look and emphasizes the neutral background. The art ties in well with the lighting and we picked up on the accents of gold from the piece by mimicking this color in the pillows on the sofa. We wanted buyers to imagine themselves sitting here and entertaining their friends."

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