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Best Greenery Finds for Your STR

Greenery Succulence and Fiddle Trees can add both visual appeal and a sense of tranquility to a rental property, but not all plants are created equal. For example, succulents are an excellent choice for STRs since they are low-maintenance and drought-tolerant. Fiddle-leaf figs are another good option; though they require more care than succulents, their large, glossy leaves can make a dramatic impact.

CB2 Fiddle Fig

This CB2 fiddle fig comes with a sleek white pot and a moss base. The whole thing is done and ready to go. Living fig trees can get big and unwieldy, but this one will always stand at a perfect 5 feet. If the $299 price is too much, try Ikea and get your own pot. They have great fiddle figs too, just at a smaller height.

Faux Crotons Plant

Croton's symbolic meaning is becoming better through learning and training. That comes from the mythical wrestler Milo of Croton, who effortlessly carried a large ox up a mountain every day. This artificial outdoor tree is made of strong, durable, dense, synthetic rubber that is resistant to water, oils, heat, and solvents. Perfect for many years of artificial indoor or outdoor home decor use.

Snake Plant

Add a touch of greenery and warmth to your decor with this Snake Plant in Plant Stand from Threshold™. This faux potted plant features an artificial snake plant with vertical leaves placed inside a white ceramic pot for a clean, modern look. Plus, the light-finish wood planter holds the plant for convenient display. The artificial construction requires no maintenance and easily coordinates with any style of decor. Place it solo on your living room floor or on a tabletop for a gorgeous aesthetic, or arrange it in a group with other faux plants to create a relaxing indoor garden.

Faux Aloe in Terracotta Pot

Brighten any corner with a pop of green, courtesy of our charmingly prickly, irresistibly lifelike artificial aloe. With four plants nestled in realistic fake dirt, all planted in a rustic terracotta pot, this faux accent brims with real style.

Faux Succulent Arrangements in Geo Ceramic Pots

Make a modern statement in pastel pinks and greens with our pretty pair of fake succulent arrangements. A mix of seven varieties potted in faceted white ceramic planters, these artificial charmers stun on any shelf or sill.

Artificial Monstera Arrangement

Take the beauty of the great outdoors into your home with this Artificial Monstera Arrangement in Ceramic Pot from Project 62™. This artificial potted plant showcases a lush green faux monstera plant for the beauty of indoor plants with no green thumb required. The pretty artificial monstera is potted inside a white ceramic pot for quick and easy display. Whether you place this artificial potted plant on a console table in your entryway or on a shelf in your kitchen, it's sure to add warmth and texture to your space year-round.

Artificial Variegated Leaf Arrangement

Decorate your home or office space with this Artificial Variegated Leaf Arrangement from Threshold™. This artificial potted plant makes a great addition to your year-round decor. It features natural-looking faux leaves arranged together to offer a lively vibe to your home decorations, and comes potted inside a melamine container for quick and easy display on any flat surface. Just place this artificial tropical plant on the mantel, console or sideboard along with other potted plants to create an indoor oasis.