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Introducing Antoine Brown, Property Stylist

Antoine is always up for a challenge, and his career at Design2Sell offers plenty of them, in the best possible ways. A property stylist for about two-and-a-half years, Antoine thrives on solving problems and overcoming challenges. And every stage presents a new puzzle to solve.

“That’s what attracted me to interior design,” says Antoine, who earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. “It’s personally challenging. It forced me to develop new skills. It’s changed my confidence level and my entire life, not just my career, and this continues to keep me motivated through tough days, or days where things don’t go as planned.” The most challenging aspect of design for Antoine is incorporating trends into a stage while also maintaining timeless, universal appeal. He says that tastefully introducing trends so that stages are fresh but do not become outdated after a few months is one of the greatest creative skills for designers to master.

The breadth of a designer’s job means that Antoine doesn’t have a typical workday. Some mornings he may meet a client for a property preview, and he may spend others at the warehouse preparing for an upcoming stage. On other days, when all the planning and preparation come to fruition, he is onsite to complete a full installation. While Antoine enjoys the pace and the creativity his position at Design2Sell affords, he also loves the opportunity to share his knowledge with the new designers we bring on board. He is energized by their eagerness, agility and positive responses to the working environment. “[It] always leaves me with a renewed sense of hope about what that designer can accomplish,” Antoine says.

One of Antoine’s favorite Design2Sell projects was 1845 Piedmont Avenue, a high-end, three-bedroom condominium. Limited square footage required creative solutions for achieving full functionality while keeping a modern boutique style that allowed for entertaining. In the end, the client loved it enough to have it transferred to another unit after the first one sold.

Antoine is especially appreciative of the flexibility his position and the culture of Design2Sell allow. In addition to his design career, he also creates handcrafted healing jewelry using wire weaving and genuine gemstones. You can find his work on Etsy at Artful Bless Creations or follow him on Instagram at @artfulblesscreations.

When he’s not working, Antoine enjoys spending time with his family and trying out new restaurants in the city.

We are glad to have Antoine on our team! To lean more about Design2Sell and our entire team, visit

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