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Meet Candace Moore, Junior Property Stylist

No two days start or end the same for Candace Moore, a Junior Property Stylist at Design2Sell. With a degree in interior design from Lanier Technical College and a background working in kitchen and bath design, Candace found her true calling to be working with soft surfaces. Upon discovering her calling, she found her way to the Design2Sell website and instantly fell in love. She has been employed with Design2Sell for just a few short months, but her impact has been extravagant!

As a junior designer, Candace’s day-to-day schedule rarely looks the same. She assists the senior designers with their home staging projects, which could be anything from helping to pull inventory items and packing for a home staging to styling a home. On other days she organizes the warehouse, a task that is mission critical because it keeps home stagers on task and makes it more time efficient to pull items for staging. Candace also assists with social media by shooting videos, taking photos and writing blogs for Design2Sell. With her eye for staging and creativity, it is easy to see how she loves this aspect of her job.

Candace elaborates by saying, “My motivation in my career is definitely my passion for interior design. Since I love designing and decorating, it has made my motivation come very naturally. Staging is something I love and enjoy doing!”

With numerous talented designers on staff, we often find that our team is competing with one another to create something beautiful. Having this friendly competition and comradery drives Candace to work even harder!

When asked what her favorite thing about working at Design2Sell is so far, she replies, “I get to be creative at my job. I also really enjoy the people I work with, which makes my job so much more exciting!”

Ultimately, a completed staged home is the most rewarding part of her job. A lot goes into a home staging to get to the finished product. The staging team starts planning as soon as they preview a home. All of their hard work pays off in the end with a beautiful stage that comes together and looks natural, helping the Realtor or homeowner to sell the home in record time and at top dollar. Candace says, “It’s so rewarding to create a home that is beautiful and inviting and flows easily from room to room. Our goal is to make it look easy!”

With only a few months of work under her belt, Candace says her favorite project at Design2Sell been her very first stage. “I assisted with a stage on Northside Drive. That house was a beauty and furnishing it and decorating it made it even more beautiful,” she exclaims.

When not staging a home, Candace loves spending time outdoors. Whether that be camping or walking around the park, she loves being out in nature. If she isn’t outdoors, you’ll find her cuddled up watching Netflix!

We’re thrilled to have Candace on our team and cannot wait to see what 2019 has in store with her home staging skills! To learn more about Design2Sell and our team, visit

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