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New Trends from High Point Furniture Market

High Point Market, the largest furnishing trade show in the world, recently hosted their spring showcase. CEO and Creative Designer Barbara Heil-Sonnek and Senior Property Stylist Barabara Ader were lucky enough to be two of the over 75,000 people in attendance to discover the new trends in furniture, art and design that are taking over the home design industry this year.

Mixture of Textures

While velvet continues to be a popular trend in home design, other textures and materials such as fur, leather, suede and woven yarn are making an appearance as well. At this year’s Market, sued couches were adorned with an array of textured throw pillows and blankets. Mixing and matching of texture has always been a key element in interior design as it creates a contrast, weight and visual interest in the room.

Geometric Shapes

Bold geometric shapes, patterns and prints are also increasing in popularity this year. Many showrooms at the Market featured geometric shapes on shelving, decorative pieces, wall art, light fixtures, patterned rugs and throw pillows. These geometric pieces and patterns work together to harmonize the room and provide a fresh touch of modern eccentricity and edge.

Natural Elements

Going natural and organic is the big trend nowadays and one that interior design is embracing. The incorporation of natural elements into the home isn’t a new concept, but one that is gaining appeal for its cool aesthetic and connection to nature. Scattered throughout this year’s Market were raw unfinished wood, woven straw pieces, and an abundance of lush greenery. These earthy elements bring a little bit of the outside in to create a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Light and Mirrors

While lights and mirrors are typically thought of for their functional purposes, they are also being incorporated as design element. Lights and mirrors are a great way to lighten and brighten a dark room, as well as add a bit of glam to a more contemporary style. This year’s Market was full of unique light fixtures that not only brightened the room, but also acted as beautiful center pieces and focal points. Mirrors were also a big standout in many of the rooms and worked to make the spaces appear brighter and larger while also complimenting the overall design.

For more information about Design2Sell’s plans on incorporating these new home design trends into our home staging services, contact us online or call 678-505-1433.

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