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Top 5 Home Staging Tips to Sell a Home in Autumn

As we transition into warmer clothes, begin to sip pumpkin lattes, and admire the changing of the leaves it is also time to refresh our homes for the season. These five fall home staging tips will have your listing feeling warm and cozy for potential buyers and get you top dollar.

Refresh Your Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything and if the exterior isn’t in good shape, it will set a bad tone for what’s inside for potential buyers. During the fall be sure to rake up leaves, pull up weeds, prune trees and shrubs, clean your gutters, and pressure wash your siding and driveway to keep your home's exterior looking its best.


Our days get shorter during the fall, so making sure you have adequate lighting to show off the homes features is important. Well lit rooms look larger and are also more inviting. Open blinds to let as mush light in and add additional lamps if needed to illuminate the home.

Warm Up With Color

The Fall season brings warmer colors. Add pops of color through decor, accessories and art. Colors that are very on trend this year are plummy purples, classic blue, desert orange, and botanical greens.

Emphasize Comfort

A warm and cozy atmosphere will encourage buyers to feel relaxed in your home and set off an emotional experience that can help you get an offer sooner. Add throw pillows and plush throws to accentuate sofas and chairs. Layer your bed with textured fabrics and add hefty towels in the bathroom to further enhance the appeal of your home.

A Little Goes A Long Way

Don’t overdo it! Staging is all about highlighting the positive aspects of a home and the last thing you want to do is add too much and give a cluttered look. Create a focal point in the room to center around and be sure to prioritize.

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