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4 Tips To Modernize a Traditional House

At the center of Brookhaven, GA you will find this astonishing property. The moment you walk inside, you will feel at home. Michelle Hash, a Property Stylist of Design2Sell, is responsible for bringing this home back to life. The main focus behind staging this traditional project was to give the entire home touches of a modern feel. Catering to a more modern and transitional aesthetic would help potential buyers say “I feel like I can live here right now” and fully see the potential this beautiful property has. The main element to start with is assessing what features the property already has and embracing its strengths. We can’t fight, for example, the lower ceilings in certain areas; we can go with the beautiful lines and architectural interest that is created with the exquisite molding and large windows.

In this blog we will dive deeper into the FOUR main tips we used to modernize and highlight this homes strengths.

1. Minimalism and de-clutter Remove any extra knickknacks and furniture that aren't essential pieces. The fewer the better! The less items the grander the rooms will feel. Plus, adding some plants will make the home look up-to-date and more refreshing.

2. Focus on the fireplace

The warmth and ambiance of a crackling fire is unrivaled, so it's not surprising that fireplaces are often at the center of great design. We keep the fireplace at the center of attention by adding this lovely art right above it and added decor in the bookshelves beside it to create a focal wall.

3. Mixing and Matching:

It can feel boring to see a traditional dining room with eight traditional matching chairs. Get creative and play with colors, sizes, patterns, and keep in mind to include some unifying elements in the form of color and/or materials. For example we used six matching chairs and two different chairs at the ends of the table all having similar fabric and neutral colors that make this space feel simple and more modern.

4. Layering Textures

The look of layered textures is fabulous, especially in the living room. It adds a feeling of coziness and warmth and invites you to curl up after a long working day. We love this rustic modern style, as the jeweled colored pillows on the neutral sofa invite you to sit and the layering of rugs come together to form one harmonious space.

Looking for more tips on how to optimize your listing? Contact us today to discuss or consultation options or receive a quick quote for staging.


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