Home Staging Trend: Curves

We all have that one space in our house that we don’t know what to do with. Whether the space is missing something we can’t quite put our finger on, or there is a lack of contrast, it leaves us all frustrated, and constantly debating on how to fix it. The newest trend in interior design and home staging can help with this common problem. The trend is soothing to the eye, contrasts with the insides of homes, and is a statement piece in any space. The trend? Curves! Yes, I said curves! Some say the newest trend in interior design is an ode to the 70’s, while others think it is a contrast to our modern style now, but whichever one it may be, curves can be implemented into any space to create a playful and interesting room. Whether it’s a long-curved couch in a living room, or just a simple round lamp, curves are in now more than ever. 

Curved sofas and chairs can help create a fun, playful mood in any space. Their smooth, curved lines contrast the straight lines of spaces, and make the modern style kid-friendly by eliminating sharp edges on couches and chairs. Unlike straight lined couches, curved couches are natural and provide a relaxed feeling that straight couches lack. But if you are not ready to invest in a curved couch or chair yet, there are many other ways you can add curves into a space.

An easy and less daunting way to add curves into any space is investing in a good curved accent chair or coffee table. The curved top or softness of the chairs can easily blend into a space rather than being a statement piece, however it still contrasts with the straight lines of a couch, dresser, or TV. The brilliant thing with this new trend is that your entire room does not need to be filled with curved furniture to make a statement. One curved item will not only suffice but can still seem playful in any room.

The reason why curves are so popular is because they are soft, playful, and serve as great focal points. Curved mirrors and art even help to open spaces. Large mirrors with curved edges can lengthen walls and are a new twist on traditional rectangle mirrors. A curved art piece could also elongate the width of a room’s wall, and in doing so catch the eye. The options are endless when it comes to this round trend! You could even try a round print on a square rug to play with the contrast between the two shapes.

Whether you love it or you don’t, curves are the latest new trend in interior design. This trend bandwagon is easy to hop on, as you only need to include one curved item to make a statement in any space. The round, smooth curves overall create a balance while still giving off a playful feel. So, if you have had your eye set on a beautiful curved couch, or are just looking to spice up a space, now is the time to invest in curved furniture!

Written by: Nina Meier