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Design 2 Sell Home Staging Vendor Profile: Simplify with Steph

Here at Design2Sell, we specialize in staging your home to help you sell faster and earn top dollar. Home staging is a necessary and crucial step in the home selling process, but it doesn’t end there. We have a trusted list of partners we use to help you get from staging to sold. A favorite home staging vendor of ours is Simplify with Steph. Stephanie Blair is a professional organizer who loves to simplify spaces for others. We believe having an organized home that is easy on the eyes can really set the house apart and make it easier to sell.

At Simplify with Steph, Stephanie believes there are three major benefits to keeping an organized home: mental clarity, time and money. Selling a home is a stressful time for everyone, but by creating an organized area, you can limit that stress. Hiring someone to organize the home you are trying to sell will not only give you peace of mind, but it will also ease the minds of any potential home buyers knowing they can have a life well organized in the same space.

When everything is organized and in the right place, you can save ample amounts of time. By knowing exactly where an item in your home is, you can save the time that would be spent searching and use it toward something more valuable. Plus, when your home is well-organized and tidy, you won’t have to spend frantic moments cleaning and organizing when a Realtor calls requesting a last-minute showing of your home. We know your time is precious, especially when you’re busy with something as big as selling a home!

When you’re in the process of staging your home, you are making sure everything is set up and looking perfect for potential homebuyers. Don’t waste money on a decoration or item you want to show when there is a chance you already have it! By organizing your inventory of accessories, décor and accents, you’ll know exactly what you have to use and where to find it.

Like Simplify with Steph, we are committed to helping you sell your home with as much mental clarity, time and money in the end as possible. For more information on how to start organizing your home, visit You can also head to to find out how you can stage your home for selling!

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