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Home Staging Consultations to Help Your Home Sell

At Design2Sell, we know it can be challenging to look at a space and immediately realize where your furniture would best be suited or how you can make your décor appeal to potential buyers when you’re ready to sell your home. That’s why we are always happy to help give our suggestions! With our Design2Sell staging consultations, we can take a walk through your home and give our expert advice on the best way to arrange your furniture, what colors resonate most with potential buyers, overall recommendations and staging tips.

During our home staging consultations, we will walk through the home you are trying to sell and analyze the space, design options and the potential for each room. After we have come up with a vision for your home, we give you our recommendations and plans for execution.

Our staging consultations come with a variety of different options depending on your needs. You can take notes on our recommendations yourself, we can provide a priority task list, or we can give you a full report. Our full reports come with a summary outlining the property’s positive features, furniture and accessory placement, and an overall recommendation including various staging tips.

After our Walk-and-Talk Consultation, you are free to go! You can use as many or as few recommendations as you want. Additionally, you can also further request our services and have us implement the tips for you!

Our Walk-and-Talk Consultation special is designed to help you create a perfectly staged home for potential Atlanta home buyers without breaking the bank. Home staging is a crucial step in the home selling process, but we know it can add up. At Design2Sell, we are committed to helping you reach all your home staging needs while also meeting your personal budgetary needs!

With walkthroughs starting at only $229 for up to two hours on the property, we have something for everyone. To learn more about our Atlanta home staging consultations, visit the link here! You can also call 678-505-1433.

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