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Beat the Cold this Winter Season with These Tips to Sell Your Home

It’s no surprise winter isn’t the easiest time to sell a home. The air is chilly, families are busy, and the holiday season is in full swing. Although it might be harder to sell a listed home in the winter, it definitely isn’t impossible. We know it can be done, and that’s why our Design2Sell team put together a list of tips and tricks to help your listing beat the cold and sell this winter!

Make it Cozy

Nothing draws people out from the cold better than a warm, inviting home. Turn on the fireplace and incorporate any warm lighting into the area. Display soft, fluffy throw blankets on the couches and chairs. You can even have cookies baking in the oven right before a showing. Anything to help a potential new homeowner feel welcome and comfortable in the home is sure to get the job done!

Decorate for the Holidays

Everyone is in the Christmas spirit and the home you’re selling is no exception. Take some time to add a tree into the corner with a few wrapped presents underneath. Add a wreath on the door and a few Christmas lights to really bring the holiday joy into the home. Helping buyers see the potential in a home is a great way to get them in before the holidays are over!

Clean up the Yard

We know it’s cold out and no one likes doing lawn maintenance, but this is a must. Don’t leave dead leaves scattered around the yard or plants and shrubs that succumbed to an early frost near the home. Make sure everything is neat and tidy. Your hands might be cold but grab some gloves and trim any shrubs or bushes on the property. If you’re in an area that receives snow during the wintertime, make sure the driveway and sidewalks are clear. Also be sure all dirty or grimy run off from rain or melting snow stays away from the house. Remember, picking up the inside of a home listed to sell is only half the work! Curb appeal and first impressions can’t be forgotten!

It might be harder to sell a home during the winter, but we know you can do it! Beat the cold and help give someone the gift of a new home this holiday season with a few of our handy winter tips and tricks! To read more about how to get a home to sell using home staging, visit the blog section on our website at!

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