Top Home Staging Trends for 2020

The New Year offers a fresh start not only for us, but also for staging homes. While much of home staging relies on incorporating timeless design choices, it’s also important to give a nod toward popular design trends that today’s homebuyers love. If you’re wondering what is trending in 2020, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few up-and-coming home staging trends to welcome into your home this year.

Earth Tones Goodbye grays and hello earth tones. Nature-inspired shades reminiscent of changing seasons are making a strong appearance in home design in 2020. Popular shades include chestnut, mushroom, ochre, sage, wine and rust. These warm, earthy shades bring the tranquility of nature indoors to create a peaceful and positive setting. Pair these shades with pops of white to create a light and airy feel, as well as natural textiles and wood tones that highlight their natural beauty.

Interesting Lighting Interior lighting is a central aspect of home staging and design. Lighting sets the tone of the room and creates an atmosphere within a space. More than lighting, these fixtures act as attention-grabbing centerpieces that draw focus to a particular space. So, when in doubt, go big and go bold. Oversized fixtures look great in any room, but some more than others. Funky industrial or art deco light fixtures work beautifully in kitchens, while geometric and silver leaf fixtures add modern sophistication to dining rooms. Play around with unique finishes, shapes and materials to create a look that compliments the space.

Mixed Metals Who says metals can’t mix? Mixing cool and warm-toned metals like silver, brass, gold and iron is an easy way to add visual interest and elegance to space. When mixing metals, it’s important to be intentional and find balance between them. Choose one metal as the dominant finish and then select one to two metal accents to compliment it. Keep the metals subtle so they aren’t competing for attention and consider a combination of metal textures like matte, brushed, hammered and polished.