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4 Tips to Effortlessly Stage a Home Office

With the increasing amount of people working remotely home offices are becoming a desired space for home buyers. Because of this, there needs to be focus on making this space desirable when listing a property. If there isn’t a clearly defined office room you can always transform a den, loft or awkward space into a work area. There are quite a few ways to achieve a well put together office area. Here are a few key tips we recommend.

  1. De-clutter and de-personalize The cleaner the better! Remove any loose papers, extra knickknacks and furniture that aren’t essential pieces. Like Marie Konda says, “if it doesn’t spark joy – ditch it”. The key to home staging is to show the room in its best light. The less items the grander the rooms will feel and will also allow for easy access for walking around.  De personalize by removing any family photos you may have displayed and take down any plaques or certificates from walls.

  2. Use office organizers. 

These are the best when you need to hide away papers and supplies. They also help keep you organized for when you move into your new space. You can label storage boxes so you can easily spot what you need. There are quite a few storage kits that include a label space that look neat and trendy. Keep like items together and store away small loose items in your drawers. Notable places to shop – The Container Store (beware – this place can be highly addictive)

Accessorize. We love adding fun artwork and décor to any room to add warmth and to make it more inviting. Add a task lamp to the desk to illuminate the workspace and think about keeping attractive books displayed.  Add greenery like fresh flowers or a large green plant in an empty corner to bring life into the space. Add and interesting desk chair to add some flare to the room.

  1. Keep it Neutral. A general rule in home staging is to use neutral colors to appeal to a broader group of buyers. Color can be added through accessories, décor and artwork.  Keep color added in smaller doses to not distract from the bigger picture.

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