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Design2Sell E-Consultation Service

Just a few weeks ago, people were coming and going as normal and now we are all trying to adjust to the new normal of teleconferences, wearing masks and social distancing. In light of this the Real Estate Industry is still essential and people are still buying and selling homes. We are dedicated to working with home sellers, real estate professionals and builders to prepare their home listings in the safest way possible to appeal to buyers and sell fast. To provide even more opportunities for clients to receive the services they need, we are excited to announce our new E- Consultation service. How it Works:

Step 1 A Certified Property Assessment Stylist from Design2Sell will gather information from you on the property and inform you on how you can best capture photos and/or video of your home they can use for your assessment. They will also schedule a virtual meeting to go over this assessment at a later date.

Step 2 You submit 15 core area pictures/and or an up to 7 minute video of the property to you Design2Sell Expert by following the instruction they have provided.

Step 3 Your Design2Sell Expert will review your submission and provide you with your property assessment which will include an Attract-ability Rating (AR) as well as the Competitive Action Plan (CAP) to include the steps to properly prepare the your property for top offers.

Step 4 After the assessment is sent, your Property Stylist we will join you in a virtual meeting to go through your assessment and recommendations. There will also be time for a Q&A session to cover any additional questions you may have.

Create a showcase ready home that will demand top dollar  and will differentiate from others on the market.  Appeal and connect to buyers by getting your Property Assessment and Action Plan today!

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