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Selling during the Pandemic? Here are key features buyers will look for.

It’s no surprise that Covid-19 has greatly affected the way we are living our lives and has shifted many people’s priorities. Restricted contact with the public, friends, and family has become a new normal that has affected the way we interact and do business. Hygiene has never been so crucial in our daily routines. While many states and countries are beginning to slowly open, there will be lasting changes to the way many people live and work moving forward. This will no doubt shape the features and requirements buyers will be looking for in their new homes.  Here are a few areas we foresee will be at the top of the list and will need to stand out.

Home Offices or Workstations With the sudden shift in working from home, eLearning,  and homeschooling many people have become aware that their living room or dining room just won’t cut it. Having a comfortable and private area to work for both adults and children will become a necessity.

Living Rooms A comfortable living room has always been important but having a space where the family can meet sans any signs of work will be of focus to help cater to a healthy work-life balance.

Private Outdoor Space or Garden Speaking of work-life balance many people have turned to the joys of caring for plants and growing their own food as a source of stress relief. Having a comfortable place outside to retreat to has been proven to help increase mood and decrease stress.

Mudrooms Traditionally this area is a dedicated space to remove muddy boots, coats and wet clothing before entering the home. With hygiene at the forefront this extra area will certainly be welcomed to help ensure cleanliness when entering a property.

It is crucial that if a home has these features that they must stand out to buyers online and in-person. Getting advice from a professional home stager can greatly improve the attract-ability of these areas to ensure buyers take notice. Want to learn how your home ranks and how you might be able to optimize these features? Book our E-consultation today and receive your property assessment and action plan to prepare your home for top offers. Book your E-Consultation today!

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