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3 Key Tips for Irresistible Outdoor Spaces

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

For some time now outdoor living has been a trend on many people’s radar but it has never been more popular than now. Due to the impact of Covid19 it has become vital for many people to have a comfortable and safe space they can retreat to. It’s no surprise outdoor furniture, décor and gardening supplies have been on sale and flying off the shelves.  As states continue to lessen their restrictions and weather is still ideal people will begin to opt for more intimate gatherings right in their own backyards. The joys of caring for plants and working outside will continue and sophisticated outdoor living and curb appeal will remain key features in the home selling process.

Here are a 3 key staging tips to keep your outdoor space up to par and to inspire buyer interest.

Keep it Fresh & Clean! The most important thing is to have a clean space. Sweep up debris on your deck or patio regularly and pick up fallen branches or shed leaves. With time, the changes of seasons and temperature can make things look warn and dated.  Consider pressure washing surfaces and treating or repainting your deck and wooden furniture.

Curb Appeal Keep your lawn, driveway and walkway pristine as they are the first things buyers see. Remove weeds, power wash your driveway if needed, and make sure your landscaping has been given lots of love.  Don’t forget nighttime appeal as well. Outdoor lighting like step lights, table lighting and overhead lighting are nice touches.

Indoor/Outdoor Living Features Consider focal points to your outdoor space and emphasize those spaces. For example, if you have a beautiful pool and outdoor entertainment area make sure these areas are spotless and inviting. Highlighting the possibilities your outdoor space has to offer helps buyer imagine themselves there and what they can do in the space.  Furnish your space and add appropriate decor to create that indoor outdoor living feel. Add a bar, a bistro table and chairs or dining area if space allows.  Add softness with accents pillows, throws and ottomans and fresh flowers. It is crucial that your outdoor area stands out just as much as the indoor areas to buyers online and in-person. Getting advice from a professional home stager can greatly improve the attract-ability of these areas to ensure buyers take notice. Want to learn how your home ranks and how you might be able to optimize these features? Book our E-consultation today and receive your property assessment and action plan to prepare your home for top offers.

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