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Three Simple Staging Tips

By: Candace Moore, Junior Designer at Design2Sell

Staging is an important aspect in selling a house. It highlights a home’s strengths, downplays its weaknesses and presents a beautiful, aesthetic space to attract prospective buyers. While staging can sometimes be a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be. Here are three simple staging tips that can make a huge difference in any home selling process.

1. Color

When using a pop of color in a room, it’s always a good idea to coordinate the color in two other areas in the room. If you were to use a pop of color only once, it tends to feel random and get lost. For instance, if the room is pulling a lot of neutral tones, it would be fun to add a secondary color. Maybe add a blue pillow on the sofa, a piece of blue decor on the shelf and a piece of art on the wall that include blue hues. This adds some warmth to the room and allows you to easily accessorize with more color options. In the photo shown below, the designer added these interesting gold leather accent chairs in the master bedroom. They coordinated the artwork above the chairs with the same gold color and added a gold pillow on the bed. This color coordination makes the room flow nicely and adds an exciting element in the room.

2. Rugs

Know when to add a rug and when to leave it out. If your living room is directly next to your dining room, you could add a rug in your living area but refrain from adding a rug with the dining area. This simple approach will help to keep the space open and airy. A good example is shown below in the photo. This set up allows the living area to have texture and warmth, while also allowing the dining room to feel open and spacious.

3. Art

Try not to be repetitive with art because it can lack excitement and make a room feel mundane. If you have three open walls for art, it would be a good idea to have one wall with a painting on it, the second wall with a mirror, and the third wall with a piece of abstract art such as a metal decorative piece. This gives the room more character. If every wall were to have a painting on it, the room would seem closed in. The goal in any room is to make it feel open and spacious. If you do not have three different pieces of art, you could do two separate pieces like a mirror and two paintings for example. This would especially work if the two paintings were different sizes, and one hung vertically while the other hung horizontally. This tip is sure to give the room variety!

Selling a house can be hard, but staging it right is one way to make that process easier. For more staging tips and tricks on how to stage a house to sell, or to find out more about our services at Design to Sell, visit our website or contact us today at 678-505-1433!

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